About Where to buy film

Where to buy film is a project built by people from the ISO3200.org blog. The whole idea is to make life easier for all photographers trying to find where to buy film, where to develop it, where to buy cameras and lenses, and eventually, repair cameras. Community darkrooms, courses, and everything else are also covered and catalogued here.

The list you can browse here is a result of a decade of slow work, a decade of collecting all the places that sell and/or develop film. A lot of small studios are no longer working, and many stopped developing film, but more than a few new places popped into existence, and it seems like the once valid surprising question "You can still buy film?" is no longer true, and nobody should be surprised.

Personally, I've taken a lot from the film community during the last two decades, and this is my way of repaying the community.


This is still a one (or two) man band, done in my spare time, while I'm looking for a job. All donations are more than welcome and are properly contributed. If you want to help us, but can't help us financially, you can head to Suggestions and drop us a link to a place you think deserves to be listed here. Or feel free to contact us on our social networks – we're always ready to listen to our community.

On the technical side, this project runs on Python 3.10, Django 5.0 and PostgreSQL database, running on DigitalOcean infrastructure.

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